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  • February 4, 2019 at 6:47 pm

    Hello. My name is Micah and I love in Tulsa, Oklahoma. I just watched “True Appaloosa” and was blown away. I love the Appaloosa and was glad to finally know how they got here. They are an unique breed and I miss mine dearly. Thank you for sharing their story.

  • September 19, 2019 at 5:04 pm

    Hello, Mrs. Scott Engstrom.

    My name is Adi Mussin. Until recently, I lived in the Eastern region of the Republic of Kazakhstan,

    where I studied at high school. Now I am a student of Nazarbayev University, the city of Nur-Sultan,

    this is the capital of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

    But in East Kazakhstan, at the foot of the Altai mountains, my parents have a farm. We have more than 200 heads of horses,

    the local breed is called Zhabe, in fact it is like Mustangs. Horses all year round day and night on a free pasture. In winter,

    frosts are more – 45 degrees, snowy wind, wolves. They’re not afraid of anything.

    This summer I saw the BBC movie The Secret Horse: Quest for the True Appaloosa.

    I want to say that I admire you. I am pleased to tell you about this.

    I thought it would be interesting for you to know that we have horses that look like Appaloosa. We call them Shubar.

    We also like them very much, and we, like you, are determined to increase their numbers and maintain this breed of horses.

    Kazakhs used to have a lot of such horses. Now they are rare. My father and I found a clean herd of such horses near us,

    and agreed that we would buy young stallions and fillies from them. This will speed up the improvement of our herd.

    If you are interested, I can give you more information.

    Please accept my apologies if you are disturbed.

    Thanks for attention.

    I would like to wish you good health and long life.

  • November 15, 2019 at 2:45 am

    Dear Scott, I just had the pleasure of watching your documentary TRUE APPALOOSA.
    I was compelled to write and share with you the story of my True Appaloosa.
    She was named SHY ANNE by previous owners, and I believe she was a true Appy. She had all the characteristics as you described. The primary reason I bought her was that she was of the (to me) old type appy. She had extremely heavy bone, hooves striped and massive, never needed shoes, white ringed eyes, very skimpy tail, and was what many called a blue roan, actually a silver grey base coat with charcoal spots over her entire body, freckled muzzle and rode like a Cadillac! With the true Indian shuffle everyone wanted to ride her, it was such a treat! She was 10 when I purchased her in 1980 in Vacaville, Calif. damn I’ve gotten old!
    Watching the documentary I too was moved to tears. I so envy your gutsy trip to Asia. I never knew of the debate regarding the breeds history, only that she matched the OLD STYLE APPYS that I rode in Michigan as a young girl along with the old style paint horses of size and substance, now those were horses!
    This was quite a trip down memory lane, I thank you for sharing your story and dedication to the breed. Bless you.


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