Earina’s Sages Rainbow (1989-2005)

ApHC # 550659 1989-2005; 15.3hh.

Sage was our most “Nez Perce” bred mare having come off the reservation. Sage meaning wise … full of wisdom.

When I found Sage it was love at first sight. She was a very bold liver colour with a huge white blanket and huge liver spots.

She had four foals for us, two fillies and two colts … a few spot, one leopard, one solid bay and one born bright red and developing spots (all colours) all over his body.

Her foals are striking and have her wonderful loving, quiet temperament.

Sage was my pride and joy. She embodied everything the Nez Perce were striving to achieve … gentle, kind, gorgeous conformation and an endearing spirit.

She had the Appaloosa shuffle and could do it all day without tiring. All of her foals have the shuffle as well and the spirit that says … “I can do anything you wish of me”.

2000 c Earina’s Red Hot Chili Pepper
1999 c Earina’s Chief Rainbow
1998 f Earina’s Dreamweaver

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