Earina’s Drea Storm Shadow

ApHC # 552215 b. 1996; 15.3hh.

Cloudy has an amazing genetic background including Mansfield Commanche, Red Eagle (many times), Sundance 500 and others, all combining over 25 “Foundation” stock in her bloodlines.

She is a few spot and always produces colour. She has had two colts to date, a few spot and a gorgeous dark brown with huge white blanket with large dark brown spots and chroming.

She is very gentle and passes that quality along to her foals being a very attentive, loving mother.

She has the Appaloosa shuffle and has passed that trait onto her foals. Her foals are striking … and conformation is impeccable.


Earina's Cloud Princess

Earina's Cloud Princess

2012 (Eagleheart x Drea Storm Shadow)

2010 c Earina’s Little Bit Happy
2000 c Earina’s Shadow

Earina's Ice Storm (1999 - 2007)

Earina's Ice Storm (1999 - 2007)

1999-2007 (Eagleheart x Drea Storm Shadow)

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