Our foundation appaloosa progeny

The progeny from our mares represent many years of foundation appaloosa breeding. All of our progeny are registered with the Appaloosa Horse Club (ApHC), the worldwide governing registry for appaloosa horses. Our horses’ DNA is held at the ApHC in the United States.

DreaStormCL’sKangi (Kangi)
(KC Choc Chip “CC” x Sarcee’s Kangi)
2010 c Earina’s Stormcloud
2008 f Earina’s Strmcld’s Whisper
> Dam of 2014 c Conor
2006 c Earina’s White Light (exp)
2000 f Earina’s Wyakin
1999 f Earina’s Stormcld Echo
              > Dam of 2014 f Hopuponme
                               2015 f Black Velvet
                                 2016 c Braveheart
1998 f Earina’s Windancer
Pratt Toby Lassey (Papoose)
(Pratt’s Sully Fire x Pratt’s Toby Lass)
2012 c Earina Toby’s Thunder
2010 c Earina’s Native
2008 f Earina’s Toby Two Sox (exp)
2000 c Earina’s Brave Eagle
1999 f Earina’s Firestar
    > Dam of 2006 c Earina’s Firestorm

Sage’s Rainbow (Sage)
(Rainbow Jake x Kyanne)
2000 c Earina’s RedHot Chili
1999 c Earina Chief Rainbow
1998 f Earina’s Dreamweaver
     > Dam of 2006 c Earina’s Washani

Drea Storm Shadow (Cloudy)
(Pratt’s Fire Storm x Pratt’s Sul Ima)
> Dam of 2017 c E. Native Prince
2010 c Earina’s Little Bit Happy
2000 c Earina’s Shadow
1999 c Earina’s Ice Storm